Clearing Up Some Drama

Due to some recent controversy over an allegedly stolen image, of which I'm sure is going to bring a few lurkers (welcome BTW!) I just wanted to restate how I came to make said icon incase you missed the argument.

Here are the steps below!

- I have a folder I chuck various unedited/non-watermarked screenshots, captures & photos into (If you look closely, that's the reason some pictures are more grainy than others, since the original pictures are of variable quality) called "useable bases" that's where I get my material from.

-I had started posting some of these icons over at the original Armitage Army in the art thread of my name (Tina2shy). Mostly they were just bases I cropped from said folder above, and added text and few color adjustments to. Nothing Fancy.

-One day about 2 weeks ago I wanted to start playing around with the preset gradients I've never used, so I removed a couple bases out of the folder,  including the photo in question here:

and started playing around with various gradients on several different photos. Some looked horrible, but others turned out pretty cool looking, and when I tried the 'black to foreground circular' on THIS photo I really liked the ominous shadow that it created around the right side of his face (our left) so I kept playing with it over and over and balancing it occasionally with the 'light and contrast' feature so he wouldn't get to drowned out. This result can be seen below.

- From there, I cropped it down to 100x100, with the bit of the mustard lapel and the remaining backround still slightly showing, I then used a crescent shaped 100x100 brush in air brush mode at 35% opacity to carefully blacken the remaining colored areas evenly. Then I used the same gradient once more over the 100x100 photo smoothing out some of the uneven sections the brush had left.

-After that I duplicated the the textless result icon.

-On the first, I lightened the features and dulled the contrast and added the text, using the same color as the blue used for the eyes.
Creating this:

- On the other, I reversed what I did above and added contrast (as much as I could before its started glowing) and lessoned the brightness, bringing out his eyes with a deeper royal and once again matching the text with them.
Creating this:

While I admit the original version the user in question made, is eerily similar, it is by coincidence alone. Anyone who plays around with that base photo and experiments with the shadow gradients will indeed get the same result.

This is seen throughout many more popular fandoms, none of which intentionally steal someone else's work (well some might but in most cases it's accidental) and it occurs more often given the larger community and the more chances of people using the same photographs to work on. I've seen it happen with Lost icons, Glee, and most recently Game Of Thrones (given the limited 10 episode run and some truly iconic and gorgeous scenes that everyone wants to use) I've seen like 10+ freakishly similar, yet heavily edited versions of the scene where Daenyrys Targaryen stands on the side of the cliff at dusk, all by different users.

This WILL happen more and more as Richard's fanbase continues to grow as more people discover him through The Hobbit and his other projects. All you have to do is a simple google image search and that photo will be there for all to use. If you honestly think no one else is going to use a shadow gradient on a promotional like the one in question, just because someone might have made one in the past, some of you will be in for one rude awakening, once he hits Hollywood.

*Note* Upon seeing that that particular user had my entire post deleted in the Armitage community,  I thought it only appropriate to reciprocate that action with the deletion of her comments and subsequent ban from my journal. I've gone about this being as adult (well as adult as you can get about a fanmade picture from a promotional picture that she never owned) as possible, but if your going stoop so low as to go behind my back report my entry, I figure why not do the same. For apparently being a mother, you are about as childish and petty as humanely possible.

Assorted Richard Armitage Icons

 Ok, so I've never figured out the whole icon table thing, but I've made tons of icons and just figured I'd start sharing the darn things whether it looks a mess or not. 


-Comments and credit are extremely appreciated, but not expected. 

-If taking a base, Feel free to add whatever text/effects you like. I'd love to see what you've done with them as I'm not that advanced myself.


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My Music Index

 Ok so I rarely ever use this journal but I do contribute a lot in communities, which I think are really great. I've taken a lot from communities here so I feel it is my responsibility to give a little back. Unfortunately if I upload my entire music library some of it will go un-used and deleted in thirty days, so here I've made an index of the music I have and will gladly upload anything someone requests from it. Everything is listed in alphabetical order and will be updated as I acquire new music.


10 Years- Feeding The Wolves
22-20's- Shake Shiver Moan
30 Seconds To Mars- Self Titled
30 Seconds To Mars- This Is War
32 Leaves- Panoramic
65 Days Of Static- The Destruction Of Small Ideas
65days Of Static- One Time For All Time

A Fine Frenzy- Bomb The Birdcage
A Fine Frenzy- One Cell In The Sea
Adele- 21
Airborne Toxic Event- All At Once
Alanis Morrisette- Flavors of Entanglement 
Alexi Murdoch- Towards The Sun EP
Alpha Rev- New Morning
Alter Bridge- Blackbird
AM Taxi- We Didn't Stand a Chance
Amanda Palmer- Amanda Goes Down Under (live)
Amanda Palmer- Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
The Antlers- Burst Apart
Antony & The Johnsons- Swanlights
Antony & The Johnsons- Thank You For Your Love
Apocalyptica- 7th Symphony
Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
The Asteroid Galaxy Tour- Fruit
Athlete- Black Swan
Athlete- Tourist
Atomship- The Crash Of 47
Austra- Feel It Break
Authority Zero- Stories Of Survival 
Avenged Sevenfold- City Of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare
Avenged Sevenfold- Sound The Trumpet
Avril Lavigne- Goodbye Lullaby
AWOLNATION- Megalithic Symphony

Band Of Horses- Cease To Begin
Band Of Skulls- Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Barcelona- Absolutes
Bat For Lashes- Fur And Gold
Bat For Lashes- Two Suns
Battles- Gloss Drop
Battles- Mirror
The Belle Brigade- Self Titled
Ben Moody- All For This
The Besnard Lakes- The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
Between The Trees- Spain
The Birthday Massacre- Pins & Needles
Black Sunshine- Self Titled
Black Tide- Light From Above
Black Veil Brides- We Stitch Our Wounds
Blue October- The Answers
Blue October- Approaching Normal
Blue October- Consent To Treatment
Blue October- Foiled
Blue October- History For Sale
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver- Self Titled
The Bony King Of Nowhere- Eleonore
The Boxer Rebellion- The Cold Still
Brandi Carlyle- The Story
Brandon Boyd- The Wild Trapeze
Brandon Flowers- Flamingo
The Bravery- Stir The Blood
The Bravery- Sun And Moon
Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony
Breaking Benjamin- Phobia
Breaking Benjamin- Saturate
Breaking Benjamin- We Are Not Alone
Brendan James- The Day Is Brave
British Sea Power- Do You Like Rock Music?
British Sea Power- Valhalla Dancehall
Broken Bells- Self Titled
Burn Halo- Self Titled
Burn Season- This Long Time Coming
The Butterfly Effect- Final Conversations Of Kings
The Butterfly Effect- Imago

Cage The Elephant- Self Titled
Carbon Leaf- Echo Echo
Cascadeur- The Human Octopus
Cemeteries- Speaking Horrors
Charlotte Martin- Mystery, Magic & Seeds
Charlotte Martin- Reproductions
Charlotte Sometimes- Waves And The Both Of Us
Chevelle- SciFi Crimes
Christina Perri- Lovestrong
Christina Perri- The Ocean Way Sessions (live)
City And Colour- Little Hell
The Classic Crime- The Silver Cord
Clem Snide- The Ghost Of Fashion
Coheed and Cambria- No World For Tomorrow
Cold- Year Of The Spider
Cold Driven- Steel Chamber
Cold War Kids- Mine Is Yours
Cold War Kids- Robbers & Cowards
Coldplay- Viva La Vida
Crossfade- Falling Away
Cults- Self Titled

The Damned Things- Ironiclast
Darling Violetta- The Kill You EP
Daughtry- Leave This Town
Dave Gahan- Hourglass
Days Of The New- Self Titled 1
Dead By Sunrise- Out Of The Ashes
Dead Letter Circus- This Is The Warning
Dear In The Headlights- Small Steps, Heavy Hearts
The Dears- Degeneration Street
The Dears-Missiles
The Dears- No Cities Left
Death Cab For Cutie- Codes And Keys
The Decemberists- The King Is Dead
Delain- April Rain
Delain- Lucidity
Delays- Everythings The Rush
Delays- Star Tiger Star Ariel
The Delgados- Hate
Delta Spirit- History From Below
Demon Hunter- Storm The Gates Of Hell
Devo- Something For Everyone
Devotchka- 100 Lovers
Devotchka- How It Ends
Devotchka- Una Volta
Dido- Safe Trip Home
Die Happy- Red Box
Die So Fluid- The World Is To Big For One Lifetime
Disco Ensemble- The Island Of Disco Ensemble
Disturbed- Asylum 
Disturbed- The Sickness
Disturbed- Ten Thousand Fists
Dolores O'Riordan- Are You Listening?
Dragonette- Galore
Dragonforce- Inhuman Rampage
Dredg- Catch Without Arms
Dredg- Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy
Dredg- El Cielo 
Dredg- The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
The Dresden Dolls- Self Titled
The Dresden Dolls- Yes, Virginia

Editors- An End Has A Start
Editors- Back Room
Editors- In Light And On This Evening
Eels- Beautiful Freak
Eels- Blinking Lights And Other Revelations
Eels- Electroshock Blues
Eels- End Times
Eels- Hombre Lobo
Eels- Tomorrow Morning
Eisley- The Valley
Elbow- Build A Rocket Boys
Elbow- Seldom Seen Kid
Ellie Goulding- Bright Lights
Ellie Goulding- Lights
Emily Haines And The Sof Skeleton- Knives Don't Have Your Back
Eminem- Recovery
Emphatic- Damage
Epica- Design Your Universe
Epica- The Divine Conspiracy
Epica- The Phantom Agony
Epica- The Score- An Epic Journey
Epicon- Globus
Eric Hutchinson- Sounds Like This
Evans Blue- The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends
Everybody Else- Self Titled
Explosions In The Sky- All The Sudden I Miss Everybody
Explosions In The Sky- The Earth Is Not A cold Dead Place
Explosions In The Sky- The Rescue
Explosions In The Sky- Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever
Eyes Set To Kill- White Lotus

The Faint- Fasciinatiion
Fanfarlo- Reservoir
Favourite Sons- The Great Deal Of Love
Feeder- Renegades 
The Feeling- Join With Us
The Feeling- Twelve Stops And Home
Filter- Anthems Of The Damned
Final Fantasy- Has A Good Home
Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds
Fitz & The Tantrums- Picking Up The Pieces
Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly- Float
Flogging Molly- Speed Of Darkness
Flogging Molly- Swagger
Flogging Molly- Within A Mile Of Home
Florence & The Machine- Lungs
Florence & The Machine- Lungs *special 3-disc addition
Flowing Tears- The Kingdom Gone
Flyleaf- Self Titled
Foreign Born- On The Wing Now
Foreign Born- Person To Person
The Format- Dog Problems
The Format- Interventions and Lullabies 
Foster The People- Torches
Frankmusik- Complete Me
Franz Ferdinand- You Could Have It So Much Better
The Fray- Self Titled
Freelance Whales- Weathervanes
Friendly Fires- Pala
Frightened Rabbit- The Winter Of Mixed Drinks
Fun.- Aim And Ignite

Gary Go- Self Titled
The Gaslight Anthem- The '59 Sound
Glasvegas- Self Titled
The Goo Goo Dolls- Something For The Rest Of Us
The Good, The Bad, & The Queen- Self Titled
Great Lake Swimmers- Ongiara
Great Northern- Remind Me Where The Light Is
Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest 
Guano Apes- Bel Air
Guster- Easy Wonderful
Gyroscope- Cohesion

H.I.M- Dark Light
H.I.M- Screamworks: Love In Theory And In Practice
Ha Ha Tonka- Death Of The Decade
Halestorm- Reanimate
Halestorm- Self Titled
Heartless Basterds- Stairs And Elevators 
Hem- Rabbit Songs
Hockey- Mind Chaos
Hollywood Undead- American Tragedy
Hollywood Undead- Swan Songs
The Hoosiers- The Trick Of Life
Hot Hot Heat- Future Breeds
Hot Hot Heat- Makeup Or Break Down
Hotel Lights- Firecracker People
The Hush Sound- So Sudden
Hybrid- Disappear Here

IAMX- The Alternative
IAMX- Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
I Blame Coco- The Constant
Idina Menzel- Here
Idina Menzel- I Stand
I'm From Barcelona- Let Me Introduce My Friends
IMA Robot- Self Titled
Immaculate Machine- Fables
Imogen Heap- Eclipse
Indica- A Way Away
Interpol- Antics
Interpol- Our Love To Admire
Interpol- Self Titled
Interpol- Turn On Your Bright Lights
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Facing Future

Jack Savoretti- Between The Minds
James Blunt- All Lost Souls
Jed Whedon- History Of Forgotten Things (bonus Dollhouse track included)
Jem- Down To Earth
Jesca Hoop- Kismet
Jesca Hoop- Self Titled EP
Johnette Napolitano-Pretty And Twisted
Jonsi- Go
Jose Gonzales- In Our Nature
Jose Gonzales- Veneer
Josh Groban- Awake
Josh Kelley- To Remember
Joshua Radin- First Between 3rd and 4th
Joshua Radin- The Rock And The Tide
Joshua Radin- Simple Times
Jump Little Children- Between The Dim And The Dark
Justin Nozuka- You I Wind & Sea

Kaiser Chiefs- The Future Is Medieval
Kamelot- The Black Halo
Kamelot- Epica
Kamelot- The Fourth Legacy
Kamelot- Ghost Opera
Kamelot- Karma
Kamelot- Poetry For The Poisoned 
Karnivool- Sound Awake
Karnivool- Themata
Kasabian- Empire
Kasabian- Self Titled
Kasabian- West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Kate Voegele- A Fine Mess
Kate Voegele- Don't Look Away
Kate Voegele- Gravity Happens
Keane- Perfect Symmetry 
Kerli- Love Is Dead
KIDNEYTHIEVES- Tryptofanatic
The Killers- Day And Age
The Killers- Sam's Town
The Kills- Blood Pressures 
Kings Of Leon- Come Around Sun Down
Kings Of Leon- Only By Night
KT Tunstall- Drastic Fantastic
KT Tunstall- Tiger Suit
Kula Shaker- Strange Folk

Lady Gaga- Born This Way
Lady Gaga- The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga- Reloaded
Ladyhawke (Special addition)
Ladytron- Velocifero 
Lamb- 5
Laura Marling- Alas I Cannot Swim
Leaves Eyes- Lovelorn
Leaves Eyes- Njord * There is a watermark in this album
Leaves Eyes- Vinland Saga
Leaves Eyes- We Came From Northern Wind (live)
Lenka- Self Titled
Lifehouse- Smoke & Mirrors
Linkin Park- A Thousand Suns
Linkin Park- Meteora
Lissie- Catching A Tiger
Live- Copper
Live- Distance
Local Natives- Gorilla Manor
The Lonely Forest- Arrows
Lost In Trees- All Alone In An Empty House
Lovedrug- Everything Starts Where It Ends
Lovedrug- The Sucker Punch Show
Low- C'mon
The Luyas- To Beautiful To Work
Lydia- Assailants 
Lydia- Illuminate
Lykke Li- Wounded Rhymes
Lykke Li- Youth Novel

Man Man- Six Demon Bag
Manic Bloom- In Loving Memory (EP)
Manic Bloom- Self Titled (EP)
Manic Street Preachers- Know Your Enemy
Maps- We Can Create
Margo & The Nuclear So So's- Buzzard
Margo & The Nuclear So So's- Retreat
Maria Mena- Apparently Uneffected
Marina & The Diamonds- The Crown Jewels (EP)
Marina & The Diamonds- The Family Jewels
Marina & The Diamonds- Mermaid vs. Sailor (EP)
Maroon 5- Hands All Over
Mat Kearney- City Of Black And White
Matt Morris- When Everything Breaks Open
Matt Nathanson- Some Mad Hope
Matt Wertz- 23 Places
Matt Wertz- Somedays
Maximo Park- A Certain Trigger
Maximo Park- Our Earthly Pleasures
Maximo Park- Quicken The Heart
Megan McCauley- Better Than Blood
Melissa Auf Der maur- Self Titled
Menomena- Fast & Future
Menomena- Mines
Mercy Arms- Self Titled
Mew- And The Glass Handed Kites
Mew- No More Stories
Mika- The Boy Who Knew To Much
Mika- Life In Cartoon Motion
Miniature Tigers- Tell It To The Volcano
Mirah- (a)spera
Mirah- Advisory Committee 
Missy Higgins- On A Clear Night
Moby- Destroyed
Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
The Morning Benders- Big Echo
The Mountain Goats- All Eternals Deck
Moving Mountains- Waves
Moving Units- Dangerous Dreams
Moving Units- Hexes For Exes
Mumford & Sons- Lend Me Your Eyes (EP)
Mumford & Sons- Love Your Ground (EP)
Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More
Muse- The Resistance 
My Chemical Romance- Danger Days The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys

The Naked And The Famous- Passive Me, Aggressive You
The National- Boxer
Nevada Tan- Niemand Hort Dich 
The New Frontiers- Mending
New Politics- Self Titled
The New Pornographers- Challengers
The New Pornographers- Mass Romantic
Newton Faulkner- Hand Built By Robots
Nightwish- Amaranth
Nightwish- Century Child
Nightwish- Dark Passion Play
Nightwish- Oceanborn
Nightwish- Once
Nine Black Alps- Everything Is
Nine Black Alps- Locked Out From The Inside

Oasis- The Masterplan
Oasis- Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
October Fall- A Season In Hell
The Offspring- The Rise and Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring- Splinter
OneRepublic- Dreaming Out Loud
OneRepublic- Waking Up
One EskimO- Self Titled
Other Lives- Self Titled
Other Lives- Tamer Animals

P!nk- Funhouse
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- Belong
Paloalto- Heroes And Villains
Paper Aeroplanes- The Day We Ran To The Sea
Parts & Labor- Constant Future
Passenger- Flight Of The Crow
Passion Pitt- Manners
Patrick Park- Come What Will
Patrick Park- Everythings In Everyone
Patrick Park- Loneliness Knows My Name
Patrick Watson- Closer To Paradise
Paulo Nutini- These Streets
Pendulum- Immersion
People In Planes- As Far As The Eye Can See
The Perishers- Victorious 
The Pierces- Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge
Pistolita- Gliss-note EP
Pistolita- Oliver Under The Moon
Pixie Lott- Turn It Up
Poets Of The Fall- Carnival Of Rust
Poets Of The Fall- Revolution Roulette
Poets Of The Fall- Signs Of Life
Poets Of The Fall- Twilight Theater
Population Game- This Rooms To Small For The Two Of Us
The Pretty Reckless- Light Me Up
Puressence- Planet Helpless
Puressence- Solid State Recital

Queen- Greatest Hits I
Queen- Greatest Hits II

Rachel's- Systems/Layers
The Raconteurs- Consolers For The Lonely
Radical Face- Ghost
The Rasmus- Black Roses
The Receiving End Of Sirens- The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
Red- Innocence & Instinct
Red- Until We Have Faces
Regina Spektor- Far
Rev Theory- Justice
Revis- Places for Breathing
Rilo Kiley- Initial Friends
Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous
Rise Against- Appeal To Reason
Rise Against- End Game
Rise Against- The Sufferers And The Witnesses
Rival Suns- Before The Fire
Rogue Wave- Asleep At Heavens Gate
Rogue Wave- Permalight
Roisin Murphy- Ruby Blue
Ruby Isle- Appetite For Destruction

Sandi Thom- The Pink And The Lily
Sandi Thom- Smile It Confuses People
Santogold- Self Titled
Sara Lov- I Already Love You
Sarah Fimm- Karma Phala (parts 1,2)
Sarah McLachlan- Laws Of Illusion
The Script- Science And Faith
The Script- Self Titled
Sea Wolf- Leaves In The River
Seasons After- Through Tomorrow
Serj Tankian- Elect The Dead
Serj Tankian- Imperfect Harmonies
She Wants Revenge- Valleyheart
Shihad- The General Electric
Shinedown- Leave A Whisper
Shinedown- The Sound Of Madness
Shinedown- Us Or Them
Shiny Toy Guns- We Are Pilots
Sia- We Are Born
Sigur Ros- Agetis Byrjun
Sigur Ros- Takk...
Simon & Garfunkel- The Essentials 
Siobhan Donaghy- Ghosts
Sixx A.M.- The Heroin Diaries
Sixx A.M- This Is Gonna Hurt
Skillet- Awake
Skillet- Comatose
Sleigh bells- Treats
Sneaker Pimps- Becoming X
Snow Patrol- A Hundred Million Suns
Snow Patrol- Eyes Open
Sonata Arctica- The Days Of Grays (not the best quality)
Sonata Arctica- Deliverence
Sonata Arctica- Ecliptica
Sonata Arctica-For The Sake Of Revenge
Sonata Arctica- Reckoning Night
Sonata Arctica- Silence
Sonata Arctica- Unia
Sonata Arctica- Winterhearts Guild (not the best quality)
The Sound Of Guns- What Came From The Fire
The Sounds- Something To Die For
Sparkadia- The Great Impression
Stabbing Westward- Darkest Days
Stars- The Five Ghosts
Stars- Heart
Stars- In Your Bedroom After The War
Stars- Nightsongs
State Radio- Us Or The Crown
Stream Of Passion- The Flame Within
The Submarines- Declare A New State
Sully Erna- Avalon
Sunset Rubdown- Random Spirit Lover
Sunset Rubdown- Shut up I Am Dreaming
Swans- The Great Annihilator 
The Sword- Warp Riders

Taking Back Sunday- Self Titled (2011)
The Tallest Man On Earth- The Wild Hunt
Tame Impala- Innerspeaker
Tantric- After We Go
Tantric- The End Begins
Tarja (Tarunen)- What Lies Beneath
Tarja Tarunen- My Winter Storm
Tarja Tarunen- The Seer
The Tea Party- The Edges Of Twilight
The Tea Party- Interzone Mantras
The Tea Party- Splender Solis
The Tea Party- Transmission
The Tea Party- Triptych
Temper Trap- Conditions
Theory Of A Deadman- Scars And Souvenirs 
Thirteen Senses- Contact
This Will Destroy You- Young Mountain
Thomas Bergersen- Illusions *gorgeous instrumental composer*
Three Days Grace- Life Starts Now
Three Days Grace- One X
Thriving Ivory- Self Titled
Tiger Lou- The Loyal
Tiger Lou- Trouble and Desire EP
Tilly And The Whale- O
Times Of Grace- Hymns Of A Broken Man
Toadies- Feeler
Tom McRae- All Maps Welcome
Tom McRae- Just Like Blood
Towers Of London- Blood, Sweet and Towers
Trances Arc- T A
Trapt- No Apologies
Trapt- Only Through The Pain
Travis- The Boy With No Name
Travis- The Invisible Band
Tristania- Rubicon
Trouble Over Tokyo- Pyramides 
Tunng- ....And Then We Saw Land
Tunng- Mothers Daughter and Other Songs
TV On The Radio- Nine Types Of Light
TV On The Radio- Return To Cookie Mountain
Twin Shadow- Forget
Two Door Cinema Club- Tourist History
Two Hours Traffic- Little Jabs
Two Steps From Hell- The Power Of Darkness

Under The Flood- Alive In The Fire
Under The Flood- The Witness
The Unicorns- Who Will Cut Your Hair When we're Gone?
Unkle Bob- Sugar And Spite
The Used- Lies For Liars

The Vaccines- What Did You Expect From Vaccines?
Vast- Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Vega 4- Satellites 
Vienna Teng- Dreaming Through The Noises
Voxtrot- Raised By Wolves
Voxtrot- Self Titled

The Walkmen- Lisbon
The Walkmen- You And Me
We Are The Fallen- Tear The World Down
The Weakerthans- Reconstruction Site
The Weepies- Hideaway 
Weird Al' Yankovic- Alpocalypse
White Lies- Ritual
William Control- Hate Culture
William Fitzsimmons- Until We Are Ghosts
Willy Porter- How To Rob A Bank
Wintersleep- New Inheritors 
Wintersleep- Welcome To The Night Sky
Within Temptation- Enter EP
Within Temptation- The Heart Of Everything
Within Temptation- Ice Queen Special Edition (You'll have to find the track titles since they are nameless)
Within Temptation- The Unforgiving 
Within Temptation- The Unforgiving (bonus tracks)

Xandria- Ravenheart

The Year Million- Self Titled
Yeasayer- Odd Blood
Young Rebel Set- Curse Our Love
Young The Giant- Self Titled


Movie Soundtracks


28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
127 Hours (songs from the movie included)
A Beautiful Mind (titles listed in Spanish but songs are the same)
A Clock Work Orange
A Little Princess
Arachnophobia (songs featured included)
Avatar Complete Recordings
Battle Los Angeles
The Beach
Big Fish
Black Hawk Down
Blood & Chocolate
Blood Diamond
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
Bright Star
Camelot (the 2011 Starz version)
Children Of Men
Chronicles Of Narnia- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Crazies
Cry Wolf
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight *Last track is faulty*
The Dark Knight *Bonus disc* (these are the ones left out of the original soundtrack)
Dawn Of The Dead
Deep Impact
District 9
Donnie Darko (Mad World Included)
Edward Scissorhands
Enemy At The Gates
Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind (songs featured included)
The Fountain
Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain
The Golden Compass
Hocus Pocus
Homeward Bound
How To Train Your Dragon
The Hurt Locker
I Am Legend
In Bruges
Iron Man
The Island
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park: The Lost World
Kick Ass
The Kings Speech
Lady In The Water (songs included)
The Land Before Time
Let Me In
Let The Right One In
Lord Of The Rings 1: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Lord Of The Rings 2: The Two Towers
Lord Of The Rings 3: Return Of The King
The Lovely Bones (Promotional score)
Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside)
The Missing
The Mission
Never Let Me Go
The New World
Out Of Season
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Prince Caspian (songs included)
Rabbit Proof Fence (double cd)
Red Dragon
Reign Of Fire
Requiem For A Dream
The Road
Robin Hood (2010) * Not the best quality
Scent Of A Woman
Schindler's List
The Secret Garden
Seven Pounds
Sherlock Holmes
Shrek 2
Sleepy Hollow
The Social Network
Terminator Salvation
Transformers 3: The Dark Side Of The Moon
Tuck Everlasting
V For Vendetta (songs included)
The Water Horse
Where The Wild Things Are
Wristcutters: A Love Story (songs Included)
X-men: First Class
X-men Origins: Wolverine

Various Artists

Across The Universe *delux version*
Almost Alice
Beauty And The Beast
Blood & Chocolate
Boondock Saints
Boondock Saints II- All Saints Day (Score Included)
Garden State
Get Him To The Greek
Into The Wild
The Invisable
Little Miss Sunshine
Lost And Delirious
Lost Boys: The Tribe
Nightmare Before Christmas's 'Nightmare Revisited'
Once Upon A Time In Mexico (score included)
P.S I Love You
Pleasantville (score included)
Requiem For A Dream: Remix Project
Shrek The Third
Spring Awakening OBC (Broadway)
Sucker Punch
This Is England
Twilight Saga- Eclipse
Twilight Saga- New Moon
World Traveler 

TV Soundtracks 


10th Kingdom
24 Seasons 1-3
Battlestar Galactica Season 1
Battlestar Galactica Season 2
Battlestar Galactica- Season 3
Battlestar Galactica Season 4
Being Human (BBC version)
Buffy Season 2 score
Buffy Season 7 Score
Children Of Dune
Dead Like Me
Dexter Season 1
Dexter Season 4 (songs included)
ER (songs featured included)
Game Of Thrones
Lost Season 3
Lost Season 4
Lost Season 5
Lost Season 6: The Final Season
Lost Season 6- The Final Episodes * Note there are a few missing from every copy I find of this
Lost The Complete Series Suite (compilation tracks from all 6 seasons)
North And South (the 2004 BBC miniseries)
Persons Unknown
The Pillars Of The Earth
Robin Hood (BBC Version)
The Stand
Tin Man
Torchwood Series 1,2
True Blood Season1
True Blood Season 2
The Tudors Season 2
The Unit

Various Artists

Angel: Live Fast Die Never (score Included)
Dead Like Me
Flight Of The Concordes- Birds In Motion
Glee S2e16 Original Song
Glee S2e17 Night Of Neglect
Glee S2e18 Born This Way
Glee S2e19- Rumors
Glee S2e20- Prom Queen
Glee S2e21- Funeral
Glee S2e22 New York
House Seasons 1-3
The Lonely Island- Incredibad (heard on SNL)

Where did I go?

I'm back!

 I know it seems like I always say this a lot, and then disappear. But this time I'm cleaning the place up (seriously my lj was bordering on self indulgent spam) so I can reclaim my journal and once again make it my home.
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